How to make Natural Colors for Holi at home

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Bura na mano holi hai s traditional slogan for Holi while coloring someone.Holi is festival of  colors ,joy and happiness no one gets offended while playing with colors,but as we all know that now there is trend of Eco- friendly Holi. As synthetic colors are harmful for skin as well as eyes.The colors available in market consist of allergic chemicals which cause skin damage .

Here we will discuss about how to prepare herbal colors at home for Holi?Which don’t harm your skin ,are easy to remove and are Eco -friendly in nature.Your family and friends will be happy and comfortable while playing holi with you with natural colors.

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How to Prepare Eco-Friendly Colors at home

Red Dry                                                                                                                                            Red Hibiscus holi image

You can prepare red color by drying red hibiscus flowers or rose petals naturally and  grinding them .You can also use red sandal wood powder used as face pack and highly beneficial for skin  instead of red Gulaal.





Green                                                                                 henna leaves

Light green shade can be prepared by drying henna leaves (Mehndi ).For dark green use Green vegetables like Spinach (Palak) or Coriander leaves (Dhaniya ) and grind them with flour.





Blue                                                                                                                    blue hibiscus                                                                                

Blue color can be prepared by blue hibiscus flowers petals or Jacaranda petals. After drying  them you can grind them with flour.You can also use Indigo (Neel )as blue color.




Magenta                           beetroot                                                                                      

For obtaining magenta you can boil beet root along with the water dilute it and mix with flour or water to increase the quantity.




Orange              gulmohar tree

For making orange color you can use Palash (gulmohar) flower leaves following same process of drying and grinding.






Yellow color is easiest to form mix the gram flour with turmeric and yellow is ready .






Black color can be created with the help of things rich in iron.You can use Amla.Keep the Amla in an iron vessel left it overnight and dilute it according to your desired shade.You can also use juice of black grapes as natural black color.




Brown          dry tea leaves

For brown color Sandal wood is an excellent  colour ingredient. Add fenugreek (methi) powder and fuller’s earth(multani mitti) in it. You can also use tea leaves and coffe by boiling them ,and can use them as wet brown color.


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