Kaman Pandigai (Holi) Celebration in Tamil Nadu-SMS, Wishes

You might be searching for holi (Kaman Pandigai) songs, sms or text messages in tamil language or font. We’ve summed up some text msgs here.

Kamavilas or Kaman Pandigai is the second name of holi festival here in TamilNadu. People of Tamil celebrate Holi as a tribute to Kama Deva (God of love ) , who sacrificed himself for Marriage of Lord Shiva and Parvati which was very necessary. As Lord Shiva used to live in grief of Sati (his first wife) .Hence he  didn’t even look at her.For this reason Devas nad Dootas decided to take help of Kama Deva to shot 5 arrows in his heart to arouse feeling of love in his heart for Parvati.By this interruption Shiva in rage opened his third eye by which Kama deva was burned to ashes.On request of Rati Kama deva was turned back to life but in a form only visible to Rati and Lord Shiva.

In tami Holi is celebrated with dance and music ,people singing tales of Rati .Colors are also the part of celebration.Holi is also known as Kama-dahan in tamil.

Holi text messages for Kama Dahan                                 Holi wishes in Tamil

Kotthu kotthu poovAga
muthu muthu mAlaigaL
punnagayil paarthean
ALLi aLLi searthean
otti otti uravaada
katti katti kalandhaada
muthamennum poondhean
kotti kotti koduthean
sindhamaleY yendhiya sindhamani
kaiyoodu naan vaangiya semaangani
nananna nannanan nanannana nananna
oru malligai pandhaaga
nenjam manjathil vandhadum
angu kanna kanna sonein unnidam
kaadhal sangeetham !!



.Holy holy holy
shubha laali laali laali
laali laali laali
Kadhai sonnaL kaadhal thozhi
solla solla thenaai paaindhadhu
uLLam rendum thaNaai searndhadhu
solla solla thenaai paaindhadhu
uLLam rendum thaNaai searndhadhu
Holly holly holly
shubha laali laali laali!!




God Gift neku anotha
Colours of mee jeevithamlu
Colours of joy Colours of
Santhosham Colours of
Prema and colours of
Snehitham and anotha
Others colours neeku
Kavalante to paint in
Mee jeevithamlu haapy holi
Happy Holi 🙂


Holi timelu to Reach Out jothalu colours of joy
A timelu prema And forgive
Adhi timelu Expresses the santhosham of
Being premanu and to be preminchadam
Through Colorslu Expresses chesatham!!
Happy Holi 2014 !!



Nuvu choose tobe santhosham
Bhadhanu and yavadhi nuvu
Choose dhani hemi nuvuthisukontavu
Yavaru okkarukoda really responsible
Hundedhiledhu to chesukontatu
Yavaru okkaru Else santhosham
Ledhu matter hemi most people
Kavali been taught and accept adhi nijam!!
Happy Holi 2014 !!



Holi Festival Tym Lu To Reach Out Jothaalu Colors Of Joy
A Tym Lu Premaa And 4give
Adhi Tym Lu Expresses The Santoshaam Of
Being Premmanu And To Be Premminchadam
Through Colourslu Expresses Chesathaam.
Happy Holi 2014


kannan varuvanO
kaiyil edupanO
VeLLi alai medayilE
Mangai neeradayilE
uLLam kodhikudhadi
ALLa thudikudhadi
AmmadiyO paaryavO ammanadhu
poNN maanukum aasai undagudhau
nananan nannanan nannanan nnana
andha uchi malai meley
oru veLLi pani maadam
adi raadhey raadhey naalum
angoru kaadhal kummaLam !!

होली पर निबंध – Holi Essay in Hindi

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