Colorful and Easy Rangoli designs for Holi

Rangoli is an art used for purpose of decoration.It is designed by the help of different shades of colors as well as flowers. Rangolis are popular in  India among Hindus.They are made on different fesivals.Such as Holi ,diwali or some other traditional  ocassions.They are part of Chowk Pujan. So holi has arrived and preparation are on peak for celebration here we are with most beautiful and best rangoli designs for this holi. They are easy as well eye catching .

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Top 10  Rangoli Designs for Holi

3D Flower Rangoli

This Rangoli consist of 3D theme, it is quite easy and elegant featuring the flower rose surrounded with green petals which makes it attractive and eye catchy for viewers.

3D rangoli design of flower for holi


Lord Ganesha Beautiful Rangoli

Lord Ganesha is believed first to be worshiped on any traditional occasion among Hindus.This is the magnificent and neat piece of art .The artist might have worked hard to accomplish this masterpiece.

rangoli design of lord ganehsa for hOli




Traditional Theme based Hindu Rangoli

This Rangoli is representing all the essential and traditional symbols of Hindu beliefs as OM,flower of lotus Swastika.Colors used while making this are perfect combination for a colorful piece of art.

Cultural hanmade hindi rangoli for holi



Floral theme Rangoli Design

The Rangoli is consisting floral theme representing bunch of flowers with different colors,the colors used to prepare this piece are plesant.It is easy as well as attractive.This can be done by anyone without any extra efforts.

floral Rangoli design for holi



Theme based Rangoli of Holi in Hindi

Now this is the perfect art for this holi.The presented rangoli is a theme based rangoli representing the word is prepared using flower petals and leaves which is looking charming.Hence by this way you can create several designs and writing Holi on them.They will be perfect.

hindi holi rangoli


Lord Ganesha Flower based Rangoli

If you like flowers than this is a perfect piece for you.It is easy as well as unique the combination of orange and pink is quite splendid.The pink out line is appealing and this combination makes it perfect.

simple rangoli of Lord Ganehsa


Beautiful Rangoli with Perfect Colors

The colors used while presenting this are perfect combination.I previously told yellow and pink are perfect match of colors.The blue outline used is looking graceful and can be presented on any occasion.

Round yellow and pink rangoli


Kundan Rangoli with blue stones

It can be used by people who choose a particular color theme for decoration.This piece is elegant .The colors of stones used while preparing this are admirable.Pink and blue are attracting the eyes and the simplicity is defining the beauty.Hence it is very easy to be made.Using blue and pink stones  along with white peals for outline  and with a fine touch of golden

 kundan rangoli design for holi


Colorful Rangoli 

The colors used while making this are bright as well as attractive.It is a perfect piece as well as simple.The diya in between gives it a festive touch and will look more beautiful once it will be lighten.

Fashinable sober rangoli design for holi


Simplest Rangoli For Holi

This is the easiest among all the above designs and is most colorful as well.Almost all colors are used while making it .It is an exquisite piece of art representing all colors.This will be perfect for holi .

simple holi design for Rangoli








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